Hopkins Financial Consultants 

Hopkins Financial Consultants was established in 1999 by Patrick Hopkins. We are a family owned and managed business with a team of highly qualified and experienced Financial Advisers. 
We are regulated by the Financial Regulator - you can look us up on their register www.financialregulator.ie 

We work for our clients - no compromises. For details of the product providers we have agency agreements with, please see our Terms of Business

We are a Dublin based Financial Adviser, but we also work with clients all over the country. 

As a professional firm we receive an income from the advice we give our clients. Most of the time, this is in the form of commission paid by the product provider. In certain cases, we charge fees for the advice, implementation and review of the solutions we provide. Any fee's or comission we receive are always very transparent and highlighted to you before implementation. You can find out more information on Fee's & Commission here.

Our Terms of Business sets out how we work and gives more details on your rights and responsibilities as our client. It also gives you information on the Professional Indemnity insurance we hold and our membership of the Investor Compensation Scheme (ICCL) along with a full list of the companies we hold agencies with. If you have any questions, just get in touch on 087 2586482.
Qualifications & Experience:
Our Financial Advisers hold the Qualified Financial Adviser (QFA) designation which meets the Minimum Competency Requirements specified by the Financial Regulator for advising on and selling five categories of retail financial products:
  • Savings, Investments and Pension Products
  • Housing Loans and Associated Insurances
  • Consumer Credit and Associated Insurances
  • Shares and Bonds and Other Investment Instruments
  • Life Assurance Protection Policies
Through the LIA & the QFA board, our advisers must meet ongoing study requirements in order to maintain their QFA qualification (CPD hours). For our clients, this means we stay on top of new developments in the Financial Services world. 
Our firm is also a member of Brokers Ireland.