Fees and Commission 

We like to be very transparent about our fees and commissions. As a professional firm of Financial Advisers, we are paid for the valuable advice we give our clients. Our advice saves our clients a lot of money and expense in the long run. 
Most of the time we are remunerated by product providers by way of commission - however, in some cases, we may charge pre-agreed fees for the professional advice, implementation and review services we provide. Where a product provider pays us a commission for the implementation of a financial product - we'll give you the details. All charges and fees are explained before any product or advice is implemented. 
Wherever possible we try to keep product commissions as low as possible - especially in investment and pension policies where these charges can have an enormous effect on your fund value over time. 
Our advice fees depend on the complexity of the work involved and the level of expertise required. We will tell you the precise fee for advice before proceeding. Fees are invoiced and paid on completion of the work we do for you. 
Our fees are charged in 3 general areas:
You might need our advice on a particular financial situation (eg retirement or inheritance) or you may want us to review a particular financial product you have (like a pension or life assurance policy). We'll research and provide whatever data you need and provide you with a written recommendation. Our advice fees typically range from €150 - €1,000 depending on the complexity of the work involved and the level of expertise required.
Financial Reviews:
There's no shortage of "Free" Financial Reviews - however, you have to question if it is really at no cost or is the sales person trying to sell something on their agenda. We prefer to charge a fee for our Comprehensive Financial Review - this guarantees that our advice and recommendations are impartial and in your best interest.  Financial Review fees start from €150 - depending on the complexity of your finances.
Most of the mortgage providers who work with Financial Advisers in the Irish market pay commission based on the volume of business received from the Adviser. This provides an in-built incentive to work with a smaller number of banks. We don't believe this is in the interest of the consumer as an adviser will obviously tend towards the bank which pays the most commission. We charge a fee to our mortgage clients in order to maintain our impartiality - the average mortgage fee is €750. 

If you have any questions or queries on Commission or Fee's, please get in touch on 1890 88 20 61. 


Remember, our initial meeting is is always without charge or obligation to proceed any further.