How We Work 

If you are looking for financial advice, at a minimum you'll want honesty, professionalism and financial expertise. At Hopkins Financial Consultants, thats exactly what we provide. 
We also offer so much more which makes us different to most other sources of Financial Advice:
Friendly & Approachable Service - once you are our client, we're available to talk on the phone, email or meet whenever you like. No waiting on hold for hours to talk to a call centre - our clients are never just a number!
Suit Yourself - we know our clients are busy people so we'll come to you. If you want to meet in work, at home, or even in the pub - thats fine. Wherever suits you best. We're also flexible - we can arrange appointments in the evening if necessary. 
Plain English - whenever we communicate with you - email, letter or in person - we'll use plain english. There's way too much jargon in the Financial Industry - we want you to understand everything we discuss. 

We use a simple process to establish your financial requirements.  

1. Initial Meeting 
At our first meeting, by asking you a series of questions (we call it Factfinding) we'll clarify what you are looking for, what you need and maybe identify some issues you haven't thought of before.
2. Financial Advice & Recommendations
At our second meeting we discuss all of your options and present our recommendations for action. This is the best time to ask us lots of questions to make sure you are happy with the course of action we are recommending.
3. Implementation
We take responsibility for completing any paperwork required for the implementation of the agreed course of action. After signing the necessary paperwork, our administration team will process it without delay. We then monitor the provider or investment manager to ensure the speedy completion of your applications. On receipt of policy documents, we check these for accuracy and then give them to you for safe keeping.
4 – Review
We offer an ongoing review service to our clients. Generally, as a minimum this involves us contacting you for a formal meeting once a year supported by a comprehensive annual review report. This review meeting is an opportunity to monitor progress towards your financial objectives and reassess any of your financial needs.
For our pension and investment clients, we also provide a quarterly valuation of all of your pension and investment assets.

You can contact your Financial Adviser and the support team at any time during the year to discuss any questions you might have, request updated valuations or discuss any aspect of your financial planning.