Investment Advice


There are few right answers when it comes to saving & investing, but plenty of wrong answers.

At Hopkins Financial Consultants, we understand the need to review and account for investment performance regularly. With all that’s going on in the financial markets, it can be hard to work out exactly what it means to you and your money. We spend a lot of time researching investment funds and have direct access to the leading fund managers in Ireland. This means we keep on top of whats happening in the investment markets and can keep you better informed on your investments and the asset split in your portfolio.

By identifying your attitude to risk, your existing asset allocation and the time frame you have for your investment, we can build an investment portfolio that you are comfortable with; using some of the world's top investment fund managers. 

Whether you are looking for Guaranteed Capital SecurityHigh Growth or even Green or Ethical investment opportunities, we can determine the most suitable funds for you - all the time keeping fees and charges low.

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Regular Savings Plans

Wouldn't it be nice to put aside some money every month?

Maybe to save for the Children's or Grandchildren's education?
Or so you can carrying out those home improvements you’ve always talked about...
What about taking that dream holiday – possibly a world cruise?
Or even just to put aside some money as an Emergency Fund 'cos you never know what the future holds!

We all have different reasons for saving and depending on our circumstances and our future plans, however, the logic remains the same: Small amounts saved over time can give you a lump sum you never dreamed possible. They key is to get into the habit of putting some money aside.

We can advise you on the various types of savings products in the market and help you choose one suitable for your needs. We'll give you advice on the types of funds you can choose from and as always, we'll help you keep charges and fees on the products to a minimum so your money works as hard as possible.

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