Group Income Protection

30% of workers believe their employer will provide sick pay indefinitely.*

Long-term illness or sick leave can be very challenging for employers - while there is no obligation to continue paying a staff member on long term sick leave, many employers feel a duty to provide some financial assistance to such staff.

A Group Income Protection plan allows you as an employer to safeguard the financial well-being of your staff by providing them with a replacement income during long-term absences from work through illness or injury.

Key benefits of a Group Income Protection Plan:

  • Valuable financial benefit for staff at a relatively low cost to the company
  • Can be part of an attractive benefits package for key employees
  • Costs of long term staff absence reduced
  • Flexible choice of benefits
  • Cost of Plan reviewed annually by Hopkins Financial Consultants
  • Employee Assistance programme for staff who are claiming on the plan - helps with back to work programmes.
  • Proportional benefit helps support employees returning to work
  • Reduced underwriting requirements for Group plans - little medical underwriting required.

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If you already have a scheme in place which is due for renewal, you might want to review it to save on the premium. We'd love the opportunity to provide you with an alternative proposal, just call Mark Hopkins on 1890 88 20 61.

* Source - Friends First / Lansdowne Market Research 2006