Pension Trustee Training

The essential job of trustees is to look after money on behalf of others. They are responsible for over €70 billion of pension savings. Trustees are essential to the operation of the Irish pensions system.

Pension schemes depend on trustees: without them, the system will not function. However, in order for the system to work, trustees must be able to work effectively.

Source: Presentation by Brendan Kennedy to IAPF Trustee Forum, 21 January 2010

From 1 February 2010, compulsory training for all trustees of occupational pension schemes has been introduced in section 59AA of the Pensions Act.

This requirement for training places an obligation on the employer to arrange for all trustees of their pension scheme to receive appropriate training on elements of the Pensions Act, and on the duties and responsibilities of trustees.  The only exception to this requirement is if you engage the services of a Pensioneer or Professional trustee.

Where your company is acting as a trustee of their own scheme, you are required to arrange for appropriate training for ALL of the company directors, without exception.

The Pensions Board can prosecute an employer who fails to arrange the appropriate trustee training for trustees by the appropriate deadline. If the Trustees fail to undertake the training, they can become subject to an on the spot fine of €2,000 by the Pensions Board.

If you aren't sure if the training requirement applies to you, download our Free Trustee Training Guide

Our Trustee Training Programme

The aim of our course is to help you meet your obligations under the relevant legislation but also to improve your practical understanding of the duties and responsibilities of a Pension Plan Trustee. Our “classroom” type training is delivered on location with the Trustee(s).

Benefits of our Training Programme

  • Delivered by Experienced Trainers without jargon
  • Course approved by the Pensions Board
  • Course Content covers the material required by the legislation
  • Conveniently held at your office or any suitable location
  • Certificates of completion for Participants
  • Competitive Costs for Individual Trustees or Group Corporate Training

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